Decoding Success with Abid Abedi: A Simple Method To Consistently Finding Success

Abid Abedi, the CEO and founder of iCode, demystifies the concept of success, drawing from his vast 40-year journey as an entrepreneur across various sectors including technology, real estate, and education. Abedi’s discourse is not just a recount of his professional victories but a deep dive into the psyche of success, aimed at illustrating that the path to achievement is paved with actions and attitudes we are already familiar with but often fail to execute.

“Let me tell you, folks are looking for what it takes to be successful… You already know it, you just don’t know that you know it,” Abedi begins, setting the tone for a session of introspection. He draws an analogy between the universal knowledge of health fundamentals—eating right and exercising—and the principles of success. This comparison sheds light on a crucial insight: success, much like health, is a product of basic, actionable knowledge, not esoteric secrets.

Abedi’s Blueprint for Success

1.The Antidote to Procrastination: Abedi candidly shares his battle strategy against procrastination, which he identifies as a significant adversary of productivity. “The first thing I do is the thing I dread the most… because imagine the thing that you have to do is actually a stone that’s tied to your leg,” Abedi explains. This approach not only liberates one from the mental shackles of dread but also catalyzes momentum for the day ahead.

2. The Virtue of Persistence: Abedi celebrates the hardships of business as a crucible for perseverance. “I’m so glad that business is tough… if it was easy, imagine how many more competitors you will have,” he remarks. This perspective is a testament to Abedi’s belief in perseverance as a selective force, ensuring that only the most resilient and committed ventures thrive.

3. The Primacy of Smart Work: Challenging the equation of hard work with success, Abedi points out a common misconception. “Can you honestly say that you work harder than… those working on building streets or mowing lawns?” he poses, advocating for smart work over sheer effort. According to Abedi, success is less about the quantity of work and more about strategic execution and efficiency.

In addition to these self-development tips, a cornerstone of Abedi’s philosophy is the strategic assembly of a team smarter than oneself. “Why would I hire somebody that’s dumber than me?” Abedi questions, emphasizing the importance of leveraging collective intelligence for organizational growth. This approach not only elevates the company’s capabilities but also reinforces Abedi’s belief in the power of teamwork over individual genius.

A Call To Take Action

In conclusion, Abedi reiterates his foundational principles for success: perseverance, tenacity, intelligent work, strategic team-building, and the imperative to act against procrastination. He reinforces the notion that the ingredients for success are not shrouded in mystery but reside within the grasp of common knowledge and understanding. “Everything that I told you, you already knew,” Abedi reflects, urging his audience to pivot from seeking hidden answers to actualizing known truths and taking action.

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